The Customer Information Package website is best used as an informative site.
Choose you theme from our offering.
We create the 6 pages as per your requirements.
Includes 8 hours artwork.

* Technical Specifications of all plans and 'Add-on Modules' can be seen here.
  1. Payment required : Please click 'Add to Cart' ,add your contact details and complete payment.
  2. We contact you : Telephonically and/or via email within 24 hours of cleared payment.
  3. Choose a theme : You will be sent a link of themes available for your choice.
  4. Content : The initial information for the pages you want should be provided to us via email within 30 days.
  5. Pages : We suggest 1 .doc/.docx file per page.
  6. Images : We suggest you add them to the above or via email.
  7. We create the website!
  8. Hosting : This is included in the monthly payments to us.
  9. Read our terms and conditions here.